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Improving access to healthcare

Poor infrastructure and lack of transportation options continue to pose significant logistical challenges for the healthcare providers to provide timely medical care to rural and hard-to-reach communities.

Faster, more flexible and resilient health supply

Our drone delivery solutions help overcome logistical challenges and offer new opportunities for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories to provide urgently needed medical aid.

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Healthcare use cases

Hospitals, Clinics and Blood Banks:

·      Blood supplies

·      Medications

·      Vaccines

·      Medical devices


·      Tissue and blood samples

·      Supplies for diagnostics

·      Genetic Samples

What is your use case?

Benefits of two-way drone logistics



The Wingcopter 198 enables rapid sample pick-up and diagnostics for a timely, targeted treatment with the right medication. The rapid distribution of vaccines to remote locations reduces the risk of spreading diseases. 



Delivering urgently needed medicines, vaccines & lab samples to and from remote areas becomes a matter of minutes instead of days. 



Our qualified cold chain solution maintains the integrity of valuable goods like vaccines, blood, or lab samples. This prevents losses, which lowers the costs and makes medical logistics work for rural communities. 

Qualified Cold Chain Box

The Wingcopter Cold Chain Box is a multi-use system designed for shipments between 2 – 8°C.

All parts of the Wingcopter Cold Chain Box are reusable and can be wipe-disinfected.


5 Blood Bags

50 Lab Samples

200 Vaccine Vials 


2-8°C Temperature

3-18 Hours Duration

How it works

Step 1: Order is placed
The fulfillment team receives the order, picks the products and confirms.
Step 2: Delivery is scheduled
The delivery flight is scheduled based on priority and demand. The customer receives a notification about the estimated time of arrival.
Step 3: Order is prepared for delivery
The products are packed and loaded into the Wingcopter 198 for delivery. The customer receives a notification that the Wingcopter 198 is on its way.
Step 4: Delivery
The Wingcopter 198 lands and waits for the customer to receive the order.

Turnkey solutions

Our experienced service team provides turnkey solutions and services covering all aspects of drone delivery logistics:

  • Logistics Planning & Operations
  • Flight Permits and Compliance
  • Flight Operations
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Safety Management

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