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The Principle: Tiltrotor

The Wingcopter is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) / hybrid aerial system. It combines the advantages of a copter with the benefits of a plane. In hover mode the motors are placed in front of as well as behind the wings, whereas during forward flight

the motors are located above and beneath the wings. This unique motor configuration provides maximum stabilization for the Wingcopter at every tilt angle, even during forward flight and allows to reach top speed, cover long distances and stay airborne for a long time.

Wingcopter 178

  • top speed: 130 km/h
  • max. range: 100 km
  • max. payload: 2 − 4 kg
  • max. flight time: 2 hours
  • wingspan: 178 cm

Range of Application

  • crisis management
  • environmental protection
  • geographical research
  • inspections & monitoring
  • film & tv industry
  • advertising
  • logistic & delivery

The Perfect Platform...

  • The latest Wingcopter 178 is a robust, powerful and versatile hybrid drone.

    The concept is a combination between a multicopter (UAV) and a wing aircraft (fixed wing). We developed a very efficient and patented tilt-rotor mechanism that has the benefits of both. It makes it possible to switch between multicopter mode and fixed wing mode within seconds.

    By doing this the Wingcopter can be vertically launched and landed anywhere. At the same time this smart rotor configuration allows long flight times and can cover a wide range.

    Thanks to the new aerodynamic design and the innovative tilt-rotors, the Wingcopter 178 remains stable in the air even at high speeds and under various weather conditions. The Wingcopter can be easily started and landed manually or autonomous using a tablet, and also offers autonomous intuitive control over long distances by means of a ground control station.

    The Wingcopter is the perfect platform to be equipped with high end sensors. In addition to aerial surveying, the Wingcopter is also suited for many other application areas such as crisis management, environmental protection, monitoring, security, film and the TV industry, as well as delivery services and logistics.

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