Accurate results. To the centimeter.
Efficiently collected in simple operations.


The benefits of Wingcopter in mapping on point.

Long range

Get more data in less time.

Heavy payloads

Carry heavy sensors over long distances.

Multi purpose

Switch plug-and-play sensor systems within seconds.

Easy to operate

No catapult, no throwing – launch the drone by pushing a button.


Payload capacity

and the corresponding range.
2 kg
up to 100 km
4 kg
up to 85 km
6 kg
up to 45 km

Mission coverage

with given ground sample distance.
200 hectares
at 1.2 cm GSD
350 hectares
at 2 cm GSD
500 hectares
at 5 cm GSD

Sensors and equipment

Integrated mapping solutions.


Wingcopter is your reliable platform for long range LiDAR applications. Collect point clouds for time critical information. Penetrate vegetation and get precise 3D models with survey grade accuracy.



Fly mapping missions with a variety of sensor such as full frame cameras and multispectral cameras that can be switched quickly. Save your employees time in the field and speed up the post-processing effort by utilizing the time of perfect sunlight and using PPK modules.


Combine the sensors you need for your mission. Add a live-video link for BVLOS control. Up to 6 kg of payload capacity and more than 30 liters of space give you plenty of options for sensor fusion.

Ground Control Station

Plan area-covering surveys within a minute and track the flight status of your Wingcopter on a tablet or ground computer. Get the fitting communication solution for your country and an aditional 3G/4G command and control link for unlimited range.

Wingcopter hardcase

The transport case of Wingcopter protects the UAV in rough environments and is compactly designed to even fit into small cars. The plug-and-play assembly of just 7 parts is done out of the box with only two screws. One operator is all it takes to get ready to fly.

Success Story

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