Technology with a purpose

Delivering medicines to remote health facilities or enabling the efficient inspection of public infrastructure – we create technologies to save and improve lives.

Facing our customers’ challenges we learn more every day. From mapping vulcanoes to setting a new world speed record – it is the extraordinary that we are proud to achieve.

Starting a company in a small workshop and developing a cutting edge drone completly self-funded, we want to inspire the world by aiming high and starting vertically.

Let’s create the future together rather than waiting for it!


Inventing the most robust way for a VTOL to transition to forward flight, developing plug and play payloads, implementing clever features to our control algorithms – ingenuity inspires Wingcopter.

Made in Germany

Following the German tradition of focus on quality, we use light weight glass fiber and carbon airframes to create benchmark platforms. With Wingcopter, you get the best ratio between payload and take-off weight.

Making a difference

We want to make the world a better place by focussing on drone applications with an impact. With every new solution implemented, our customers make a difference.

For you

Our specialty: Solving problems that have not been solved – yet. We customize it, you get added value.

From prototype to serial production

Travel back with us in time and get personal insights on how it all began.

Milestones in our history


First prototype

Building the first Wingcopter at Akaflieg, the academic flying group at Darmstadt University of Technology.


Building a startup

The decision was made. Starting a company together and designing the new Wingcopter 178.


First autonomous flight

After extensive testing, the Wingcopter 178 enters the commercial UAV market.


German Award for Innovation in Aviation

Receiving prestigous distinction from leading industry players.


Deliver Future Project

Launching the Deliver Future Pilot Project in Tanzania, with GIZ, DHL and our local partners.


Guiness World Record

The Vodafone Wingcopter XBR, piloted by World Champion drone racing pilot, Luke Bannister, achieves a top speed average of 240.06 kilometres per hour.

We are Wingcopter

We are engineers and managers. We are entrepreneurs and perfectionists. But above all, we are a team shaping the future.
Founded by Jonathan, Tom and Ansgar.