Made in Germany,
patented worldwide

Wingcopter’s core innovation is its unique tilt-rotor mechanism. It ensures a smooth and robust transition between hovering like a multicopter and flying forward like a plane.

Engineered by our dedicated team in Germany, we have patented it in all major markets across the world.


In hover mode, Wingcopter hovers like a typical multicopter.

to forward

After transitioning into fixed wing mode, Wingcopter flies like a plane – at high speed.

Wingcopter works. For you.

Load it, stress it, make it fly far off – this is what Wingcopter is made for.

High payload capacity

Heavy lifting is Wingcopter’s strength. It is designed to carry up to 6 kilograms of additional payload, more than 35 % of its total weight.

Long range

Wingcopter covers great distances of up to 100 kilometers.

Wind resistant

When weather changes quickly, you want to make sure that your UAV safely finishes its BVLOS mission. Don’t fear the gusts: Wingcopter resists winds of 15 m/s by dynamically tilting its rotors in hover mode.


Wingcopter is a closed system where all electronic parts are protected from environmental effects.


Finest materials, accurate production and the compact design allow for an outstanding empty weight of only 6 kg. More than 60 % of the total weight remain for payload and batteries.

High speed

Wingcopter sets the benchmark for commercial VTOL drones, with a world-speed-record of 240 km/h.

Ease of use

Set up the Wingcopter out of the box. Fly autonomously or in position control mode.



45 km

with 6 kg

85 km

with 4 kg

100 km

with 2 kg


2000 g

Wingcopter 178

6000 g

Wingcopter 178 Heavy Lift


0 km/h

in hover mode

maximum 50 km/h

in hover mode

40 km/h

in fixed wing mode

maximum 150 km/h

in fixed wing mode

Wind resistant

15 m/s

average wind speed

20 m/s

wind gusts


6 m/s

rate of climb

5000 m


External dimensions

52 cm


132 cm

from front to tail

178 cm



Ground control

Plan area-covering missions and track the flight status of your Wingcopter on a tablet or ground computer. Get the fitting communication solution for your country and an aditional 3G/4G command and control link for unlimited range.

Hard case

The transport case of Wingcopter protects the UAV in rough environments and is compactly designed to even fit into small cars. The plug-and-play assembly of just 7 parts is done out of the box with only two screws. One operator is all it takes to get ready to fly.