Live footage from aerial perspectives.
Transmitted for decision making on the ground.

We don’t supply military!

Wingcopter is focussing on assisting organizations such as the police or fire brigades in their activities to help civilians, but we want to draw a clear line:

We do not support military or paramilitary applications with our technology.


The benefits of Wingcopter in monitoring on point.

Long range

Monitor sites far beyond visual line of sight.

Top speed

Get there first – with the fastest VTOL drone.

All weather

Wind and rain resistant technology.

Heavy payload

No more compromises – choose the right sensor for your mission.


Video link range

with corresponding technology.
with regular booster
with tracking antenna
with LTE

Operational Radius

with given payloads.
Flying to the scene of interest, loitering 10 minutes and getting back safely.
6 kg payload
4 kg payload
2 kg payload

Sensors and Equipment

Integrated monitoring solutions.

Stabilized gimbal

Fly up in the sky. Zoom down to the ground. With stabilized gimbals and target-tracking your camera operator won’t lose sight. Wingcopter carries your gimbal in the front compartment or in a sensor box below.

Thermal sensors

You need high quality sensors for thermal monitoring or inspection? Let us customize your solution and integrate it as a plug-and-play systems.

Operating monitor

Set up a solution oriented monitor in the field or in your office. Non-reflective and with range extender capabilities for video transmission.

Ground Control Station

You want to operate your Wingcopter conveniently with a tablet? Or get yourself a GCS with all the trimmings? In the office or in the field – you have complete control over your Wingcopter. Get non-reflective and ruggedized equipment on demand.

Wingcopter hardcase

The transport case of Wingcopter protects the UAV in rough environments and is compactly designed to even fit into small cars. The plug-and-play assembly of just 7 parts is done out of the box with only two screws. One operator is all it takes to get ready to fly.