Supplies from above.
Delivered on point.


The benefits of Wingcopter for delivery on point.

Long range

Deliver beyond the horizont.

Top speed

Get there first – with the fastest VTOL drone.

All weather

Rain and wind resistant technology.

Heavy payload

Carry more and larger goods.

Two directions

Utilize both ways with VTOL delivery drones.

Easy to operate

No catapult, no throwing, no parachute – launch the drone by pushing a button and deliver on point.


One-way operating distance

with given payloads.
45 km
with 6 kg
85 km
with 4 kg
100 km
with 2 kg

Package volume

and cool chain option.
4,1 liters
with insulated goods
13 liters
with non-insulated packing

Telemetry link

with corresponding technology.
10 km
with regular booster
60 km
with tracking antenna
Unlimited reach
with 3G and 4G/LTE

configurations and Equipment

Proven delivery solutions.

Payload container

Transport your commodities safe and sound – in our aerodynamic delivery box that can be attached and dropped manually and via remote control. Its teardrop shape reduces the additional drag to a minimum and the placement in the center of gravity is supported by Wingcopter’s stable flight behaviour.


3G/4G control and LTE video transmission

Enable flights beyond line of sight that you can monitor with a first-person-view video link. Transmitted via 4G/LTE or 5G. Control the UAV and update your commands live without the need for your own communication infrastructure.

Ground Control Station

Design missions and track your delivery operations on a tablet or ground computer. Take your time to design standard missions that mitigate all the risks. Choose from your library of flight paths to react quickly and avoid human errors. We offer the ground control station ruggedized on demand.

Wingcopter Hardcase

The transport case of Wingcopter protects the UAV in rough environments and is compactly designed to even fit into small cars. The plug-and-play assembly of just 7 parts is done out of the box with only two screws. One operator is all it takes to get ready to fly.

The aerodynamic delivery box comes in a PELI case.


Success Story

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