An unmanned platform. Flying for you.
Equipped with the sensors and payloads you need.


The benefits of Wingcopter for customization on point.

Long range

Reach out far beyond visual line of sight.

Heavy payload

No more compromises – choose the right sensor for your mission.

All weather

Wind and rain resistant technology.

High landing gear

Get enough space for your payloads, right in the center of gravity.


Fly with a MTOW of only 16 kg.

Easy to operate

No catapult, no throwing – launch the drone by pushing a button.


Many possibilities

Facts and figures.
world record speed
up to 3sensors
are carried simultaneously
more than 10
different payloads integrated so far

One-way operating distance

with given payloads.
with 6 kg
with 4 kg
with 2 kg

Telemetry link

with corresponding technology.
with regular booster
with tracking antenna
with 3G and 4G/LTE

configurations and Equipment

Multi-sensor payload

Combine the sensors you need for your mission. Add a live-video link for BVLOS control. Up to 6 kg of payload capacity and more than 30 liters of space give you plenty of options for sensor fusion.


Ground control

Plan area-covering surveys within a minute and track the flight status of your Wingcopter on a tablet or ground computer. Get the fitting communication solution for your country and an aditional 3G/4G command and control link for unlimited range.

Wingcopter hardcase

The transport case of Wingcopter protects the UAV in rough environments and is compactly designed to even fit into small cars. The plug-and-play assembly of just 7 parts is done out of the box with only two screws. One operator is all it takes to get ready to fly.